Back to School Drive

Back to School Drive


Orphans, Fatherless/Motherless prepare for first day of school.

September 23, 2017



Dear Faithful Friends, Donors and Sponsors,


The Refuge Foundation continues its mission of supporting orphans, widows and the fatherless.

On behalf of the board of directors and beneficiaries, I want to express how truly grateful we are for your continued support that allows us to meet some of their essential needs.

One, if not the greatest need of our beneficiaries, remains acquiring an education. So again this year we continue to focus on keeping children in school.  We not only pay school fees but will also keep a close monitor on the individual student through partnership with school Principal and staff of participating schools.  This key need stems from the inability of the widows to afford school fees.

The Foundation would like to ask organizations, with the help of our sponsors and donors, to place a collection bin at their place of business.  We are asking for donations of all types of school / classroom supplies, new or slightly used.  Orphans would benefit greatly from last year’s left over supplies, including notebooks with one or two used pages.

Financial donations are also accepted and would greatly benefit the not-for-profit school.  Sponsor an entire classroom, a lab, a desk or a book. Log on to the website for easy 501 c3 donations and additional information on needed items. PayPal also accepted.  Website:


Please consider the benefits of teaching a child to fish instead of giving her/him a single fish.  She or he will be able to feed herself / himself and their family for a lifetime!


May the Lord bless you for your generosity.


Obi Nwambuonwo,

Founder, The Refuge Foundation


Andria Metcalf,

School Supplies / Fundraiser Chairperson     (602)-663-5304